Infographic: Are Retirement Communities Safer Than At Home Care?

When it comes to health and safety concerns, seniors are an especially vulnerable group. Our safety needs and considerations evolve as we get older, which means seniors have to make changes to adapt. For seniors to thrive during retirement, they need to be proactive about their health, safety, and social life.

Recently, there has been some concern about the safety of retirement communities in light of the global pandemic. To make an informed decision and rise above the public anxiety, it’s important to look at the real data regarding the safety of retirement. View our infographic below for information regarding the safety of retirement communities, as compared to in-home care and living alone.

Infographic: are retirement communities safer than at home care?

More seniors are choosing to live in retirement communities to focus on their health & wellness. From social connection opportunities, convenient meal services and on-site medical staff, senior communities truly place value on the wellbeing of residents. Connect with a Senior Lifestyle community near you to find out more about the health & wellness programs that are just a few clicks away.



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