Joan Sun | 100 Days of Heart of Caring

Joan Sun
Activities Director, Madison House

Nominees for our annual Heart of Caring award demonstrate all five of our core values on a daily basis: caring, honesty, appreciation, respect and teamwork. Today’s featured nominee, however, was recognized for the manner in which she lives out her heart of caring in her role as Activities Director at Madison House.

“Joan truly cares about everyone. The residents look forward to when she walks in the door in the morning. They know Joan will always have a smile on her face and something positive and uplifting to say. Joan is also extremely caring of our staff, and is willing to help in any are of the community that needs attention…she is a huge promoter of teamwork.”

Joan’s fellow team members cite her heart of caring as one of many reasons they look to her as a role model. Her smile, positivity and intentionality with the residents inspire those around her to pursue the same level of caring.

“Joan gears her activities toward the interest of our residents. She makes a point to get to know each and every one of them from the moment they move in. She also makes sure she introduces herself to the families and is always making sure their loved one is happy here.”

Joan treats residents and staff alike as if they were her own family, but she also demonstrates her heart of caring through her relationship with a family member who calls Madison House home.

“Joan’s own mother-in-law…resides at Madison House. Even though Joan’s husband is deceased, she continues to care for [her mother-in-law] and make sure she is happy. [Her mother-in-law] is of Chinese descent, and Joan makes sure her culture and way of life continues in her daily life…Joan doesn’t consider it work to be at Madison House, she finds it to be her greatest pleasure…Joan is a true testament to the Heart of Caring.”

We couldn’t agree more. Congratulations, Joan, on a well-deserved nomination for the Heart of Caring; thank you for all you do to care for our residents so well.

This spotlight is part of Senior Lifestyle’s 100 Days of Heart of Caring series featuring nominees from our 170+ communities across the country. All nominations are anonymous. Our nominees represent the backbone of our commitment to our core values: Caring, Honesty, Appreciation, Respect and Teamwork; without them, we could never fulfill our goal of providing best-in-class care to every one of our residents. Join us as we celebrate these caring, passionate individuals and their commitment to our residents.

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