Kendra Holder | 100 Days of Heart of Caring

Kendra Holder
Activities Director, Copper Lake Estates

Today’s featured Heart of Caring nominee is someone whose heart of caring is quite literally active each and every day. Kendra Holder, Activities Director at Copper Lake Estates, puts her positivity and kindness to work in the programs she coordinates for her residents.

“Kendra really enjoys the new resident programs and making sure they transition into the community when they first move in.” “Her dedication is to be admired and I strive to put forth the same effort she does.”

“Her door is always open; she is available to the residents at any time throughout the day. Kendra will stop, listen, encourage and support whomever she is talking to, whether they are a resident, family member, or staff.”

Kendra’s team members aren’t the only ones who have noticed her heart of caring; residents at Copper Lake regularly visit Kendra in her office just to spend some extra time with her.

“Kendra has several female residents that she works closely with who are on the resident bowling league. There will be numerous times throughout the week that one or more of the female bowlers will stop by her office just to say hello to Kendra and chat with her. Kendra has always been very gracious in her response she has stopped whatever she had been doing, has focused wholeheartedly on the resident who has stopped by to chat. She genuinely enjoys people and it is evident by the smile on her face and the sparkle in her eyes when she is listening and talking to people!”

We’re honored to have Kendra as a part of our team, especially knowing all she does to care for our residents well. Thank you for all you do, Kendra, and congratulations on earning your community’s nomination for our Heart of Caring award!

This spotlight is part of Senior Lifestyle’s 100 Days of Heart of Caring series featuring nominees from our 170+ communities across the country. All nominations are anonymous. Our nominees represent the backbone of our commitment to our core values: Caring, Honesty, Appreciation, Respect and Teamwork; without them, we could never fulfill our goal of providing best-in-class care to every one of our residents. Join us as we celebrate these caring, passionate individuals and their commitment to our residents.

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