Kim Koppert | 100 Days of Heart of Caring

Kim Koppert
Director of Programming, Andara

Kim Koppert is a Director of Programming whose daily activities have caring programmed into every aspect. Kim’s hard work coordinating and developing activities programs for the residents at Andara earned her multiple nominations from her peers for the heart of caring she displays on a daily basis.

“[Kim} exemplifies all of the core values within CHART, but I truly believe Caring is her strongest strength. When a new resident moves to Andara, she instantly incorporates events and activities that have always been important to them. She makes our residents feel like they don’t have to change or lose a part of themselves during this life-changing transitions, which is so empowering and pivotal to our residents’ happiness.”

“I know there are many submissions, but I doubt that many have Kim’s heart and compassion.” “She knows everything about every single resident and their families. She makes sure there is something that every resident (even brand new residents) will enjoy doing.”

Kim is not only intentional about getting to know new residents, but also in making sure she makes time to care for new team members.

“I am still a relatively new SL employee and I have been grateful to be working with such a dedicated leader and champion of the residents’ lifestyles. I have looked up to Kim as an unofficial mentor since I arrived at Andara. She amazes me with the amount of time she spends involving the team members and incorporating everyone into community activities. She promotes ‘community’.”

Kim’s kindness and compassion extend to all the residents she interacts with, but one in particular whose family has been especially touched by Kim’s heart of caring.

“We have a resident that is 100 years old who has declining health at the moment… Kim made sure that she got to every doctor appointment, every outing that she signed up for, spent time with her family, etc. Approaching the holiday season 2015 this resident became very ill and was away from the community for a long time. The resident was able to return right before the holiday party and Kim made sure that she was dressed up and in attendance. The resident’s eyes and smile were so bright and lit up the whole room.”

Many thanks to Kim for her commitment to caring for our residents and team members with such intentionality and compassion; her Heart of Caring nomination is well-deserved!

This spotlight is part of Senior Lifestyle’s 100 Days of Heart of Caring series featuring nominees from our 170+ communities across the country. All nominations are anonymous. Our nominees represent the backbone of our commitment to our core values: Caring, Honesty, Appreciation, Respect and Teamwork; without them, we could never fulfill our goal of providing best-in-class care to every one of our residents. Join us as we celebrate these caring, passionate individuals and their commitment to our residents.

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