Know When It’s Time for Your Parent to Make a Move

Change is hard, and columnist Michelle Singletary knows that all too well. In her latest column, she explains the challenges she faced while encouraging her mother to move to a home better suited to her needs.

After Michelle’s mother suffered a pair of strokes, it became clear that she needed more help with her day-to-day routine than she was willing to admit.

Read her story at The Washington Post.

Michelle’s experience should ring a familiar tone for many Baby Boomers across the country. It can be very difficult for the mind to accept that the body is not capable of its former feats, and it can be even harder to override the wishes of a mother or father and insist that they accept a higher level of care into their daily lives.

Be Proactive

In the short term, change can be painful. However, being proactive about moving your mother and/or father into an environment more suited to their needs can lead to a much more positive experience for everyone in the long run.

Find a Community

For more information on retirement and senior housing options, reach out to a Senior Lifestyle community near you.