Melissa Smith | 100 Days of Heart of Caring

Melissa Smith
Wildflower Lodge

Today’s 100 Days of Heart of Caring story features yet another nominee whose peers spoke so highly of her, we thought it best to allow their comments to speak for themselves.

“Caring: Melissa is very attentive to the needs of all residents at Wildflower Lodge. She is never too busy to listen to anyone. She takes time out of her day to visit with the residents and she provides the extra touch during her care. She makes sure all residents are well cared for. She does everything in her power to make sure the resident’s needs are being met daily. Melissa was promoted to a lead med aid job 8 months ago. One of the main reasons she was chosen for this role was able to have open and truthful communication will residents, families and Doctors. She is always willing to speak up, even when it is hard. And she always does the right things no matter the outcome.”

“Melissa was chosen to be a cheer champion because of her great positive attitude. She is always happy and enjoyable to talk to. She is always catching people doing the right things and making sure that she validating their individual’s efforts. She is always willing to “stop and smell the roses”; her roses are her resident and spending extra minutes with each of them every day. Melissa respects everyone that she works with. She is open to their ideas, and is very mindful of their duties and their responsibilities. She is always willing to jump in and help out were ever she is needed. She is able to work across functions and helping others to succeed.”

“Melissa established a relationship with residents once they move into our community. She ensure that she is not just making sure that every resident is getting their medication, but that they are have a great day. Caring with a smile and some laughs. All residents love her, and she brings smiles and warms their hearts. She continues this relationship even once residents have been placed on hospice. Due to the illness the resident had he was told he was only expected to live a few short weeks longer. Consequently he became very withdrawn, angry, and even disrespectful of the staff. Melissa started spending more one on one time visiting with him, encouraging him, and trying to understand his frustration and despair. He has since been fortunate that his illness resolved itself and he had been taken off of hospice care. He attributes his recovery to the understanding and caring of one remarkable woman named Melissa. Melissa’s caring for her residents knows no bounds. Whether it is bringing her resident an ice cold glass of milk with their morning pills, or holding their hand in the last minutes of their lives, to bring residents cat a new toy to play with. Melissa’s heart of caring inspires and impresses me every day. She is an amazing employee and a wonderful person.”

Congratulations on a well-deserved nomination, Melissa! We appreciate all you do to provide excellent care to our residents.

This spotlight is part of Senior Lifestyle’s 100 Days of Heart of Caring series featuring nominees from our 170+ communities across the country. All nominations are anonymous. Our nominees represent the backbone of our commitment to our core values: Caring, Honesty, Appreciation, Respect and Teamwork; without them, we could never fulfill our goal of providing best-in-class care to every one of our residents. Join us as we celebrate these caring, passionate individuals and their commitment to our residents.

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