Video: What is Memory Care?



As general knowledge and awareness of conditions causing memory impairment increases, more and more caregivers and decision makers are becoming familiar with memory care as an option of care for their loved ones. However, many know about memory care communities in name only, and more still are entirely unaware that this specialized care option exists at all. To that end, we’re going to explore the topic and provide some simple answers to the frequently asked question of “What is memory care?”

Memory care communities, like those you’ll find from Senior Lifestyle, start from the assumption that those who are living with conditions that affect memory and behavior, like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, both need and deserve a specially designed form of care. In light of this fact, memory care communities build upon the foundation of assisted living facilities and then provide residents with additional services that can improve quality of life and provide a safe living environment.

For example, one of the unique challenges of caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s is that of wandering. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, six in ten people with dementia will wander, which can potentially put this person in serious danger.[1] The use of technology like Intel-GE Care Innovations QuietCare can make sure that community team members members are able to respond as quickly as possible to a memory care resident’s wandering.

Memory care communities can also tailor their daily program offerings in order to help keep those with memory-impairment engaged. At Senior Lifestyle, we help and encourage residents to reconnect through programs that include activities that they love, whether that’s playing the piano, gardening, or art creation. In addition to these programs, memory care communities consult with residents’ families to ensure the best possible level of care is received by each and every member of our communities. Senior Lifestyle’s award winning Walk with Me Program takes that partnership and communication one step further by providing families with the comfort of knowing that their transition into a memory care community will be successful.

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