A Day in the Life at Memory Care

A Day in the Life at Memory Care

If you’re considering Memory Care for a loved one, you may wonder what a typical day looks like at one of these communities.

It’s natural to worry about your loved one when they enter a new living space. They may  be upset about moving and a relocation can be a big source of anxiety.

At Senior Lifestyle, we prepare for a new resident before they arrive. Our award-winning Walk With Me program partners each family with a care provider to help ease the transition for the new resident. The family plays a big role in helping us get to know the characteristics that make their loved ones unique. Their hobbies, passions, and interests are critical pieces of information we gather in order to guide them toward a fulfilling schedule of activities, and place them in a neighborhood that fits their specific needs.

What is Memory Care?

Memory Care communities provide specialized services and amenities for those living with conditions that affect memory and behavior, like Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Memory Care communities are similar to Assisted Living communities, but provide additional  services tailored to those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Some of our communities offer our award-winning embrace Memory Care, which provides an even more personalized level of care, with garden-to-table nutrition programs, award-winning sensory stimulation, and various lifestyle enrichment programs.  Reach out to an embrace Memory Care community near you for more information on the benefits of our award-winning program.

1. Morning

Residents rise and shine on their own schedules. When they’re ready, they gather for breakfast in the dining room. Service professionals take each resident’s breakfast order and deliver food with a smile. Each menu features a range of healthy and delicious options developed by our talented chefs. Fresh fruit, hot coffee, and warm baked goods make for a delightful breakfast. If a resident is particularly hungry, they can choose hardier options, such as omelettes or traditional breakfast plates with eggs, meat, and potatoes.

After breakfast, residents can choose from several activities. Many Memory Care communities include spacious outdoor areas with walkways, where residents can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful landscape in a safe and gated environment. Others may attend a technology class to get assistance with emails or social media. In specific communities, residents can get an invigorating, low-impact workout in our community fitness classes. Tai chi, water aerobics, and even yoga are included in many of our Memory Care communities.

2. Afternoon

Lunch is served back in the dining room mid-day. A dynamic menu, including soups, salads, and sandwiches are the typical fare, all made with fresh ingredients. Our kitchen team members works hard to ensure residents enjoy a healthy, balanced, and delicious meal every time they visit the dining room.

If a resident opts to stay indoors, they may partake in a book club to discuss their latest group reading assignment. We understand pets are a meaningful part of resident life, and that’s why many of our Memory care communities are pet friendly. Quality time with a furry friend can provide therapeutic wonders for someone living with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Many of our communities enjoy art studios, private dining rooms, and programs designed to engage the mind.  There are plenty of activities at our Memory Care communities to make sure your loved one is getting the cognitive stimulation he or she needs.

3. Evening

Dinner is an excellent time for socializing. Dinner is served in our dining rooms, but many of our Memory Care communities have private dining rooms, where families and guests can gather for special events.

From there, residents can continue to socialize, engage in an evening club or class, or go back to their apartment to rest. Senior Lifestyles residents are encouraged to pursue their interests and start new activities at their leisure.

Find Your Senior Lifestyle Community

If Senior Lifestyle’s Memory Care communities sound like a good fit for your loved one, your next step is to consult with us. To inquire about Memory Care, and our award-winning embrace Memory Care, connect with a community near you.


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