My Mom Doesn’t Know It’s Mother’s Day

For many families around the country with moms who are living with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia, Mother’s Day is as much a time of great sadness as it is celebration. The realization that your Mom may not know it’s Mother’s Day, or worse yet, may not recognize you as her child, becomes all too real, leaving children unsure of how to connect with their Mom on this special day. Despite the emotional challenges this day may present, we want you to know that connection is still possible; we want you to know that connection can be as much about a moment as it is a memory.

There are many beautiful and special ways to honor and connect with a mother living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, we wanted to provide a few that we think are quite special and likely to create that memorable moment with your Mom.

– Plant a potted herb garden for Mom. The fragrance is something she can enjoy for months to come and caring for the herbs may become a joyful part of her every day.
– Create a play list. Try to think of Mom’s top 10 favorite songs, use those to create a playlist for Mom that you can enjoy together on Mothers’ Day.
– Bring in a small box or album of old photos from your Mom’s childhood, and yours. Reminisce about those days together.
– Bake Mom her favorite sweet treat and bring it to enjoy together.
– Bring in Mom’s favorite lotion and connect with touch. Offer her a gentle hand or foot massage. Pamper your Mom!

Lastly, share your love. Love, appreciation, and kindness can be given and received freely. The disease might have stolen memories from your mom, but you can still honor and celebrate her. To all the mom’s walking through Mother’s Day with Alzheimer’s and dementia, the Senior Lifestyle family honors you today and every day.

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