National Nursing Home Week

Walk into a nursing home in your community and you’re likely to see a mixture of staff, residents, family members and volunteers. They might be engaged in activities, listening to live music, or preparing to take a sightseeing trip – in short, not what most people envision when they picture nursing homes. Today’s nursing homes, or skilled care facilities, as they are also called, have evolved into vibrant communities for senior living with purposeful activities, entertainment and daytrips to local destinations of interest to residents. Providing levels of care tailored to the individual needs of residents, these centers for senior living are an integral part of the continuum of care that is vital to communities large and small across America. Senior Lifestyle recognizes and applauds these nursing centers for their contribution to senior living by celebrating National Nursing Home Week.

From May 14th through May 20th, we’re celebrating this year’s theme for the event: “The Spirit of America.” Each nursing center reflects the theme in its own way, with proud veterans, immigrants, and residents and team members of many faiths and backgrounds working together to create a sense of community. Established in 1967, this celebration honors the contributions of each of these groups to create a unified senior living environment as vibrant and diverse as it is beneficial to the community at large.

How can you celebrate National Nursing Home Week? Take flowers to the community, offer to volunteer at an event, share your talents with residents, or simply stop in and say hello at a nursing center when you have time. For more ideas, visit the National Nursing Home Week website at To learn more about how Senior Lifestyle communities celebrate in your area, visit the Senior Lifestyle website to find one of our nursing homes near you.

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