Online Video Surges in Popularity for Boomers and Up

Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime are not just for kids anymore.

The Internet has revolutionized the way most people live their day-to-day lives, and nowhere has that been more true than in the way we consume entertainment.

Nielsen, a company that–among other things–measures audiences for shows on television, is doing its best to expand its analysis to every media touchpoint: tablets, smartphones, computers, and so on.

Nielsen’s latest Total Audience Report paints a clear picture of why measuring digital video is so important. While the amount of digital video viewing to traditional TV viewing is still relatively small, it’s growing rapidly.

For people 18-49, digital viewing is up 53 percent from a year ago. For people 25-54, digital viewing is up 62 percent. And for people 55 and up, digital viewing is up 55 percent.

Considering that the Nielsen report also shows that audiences 55+ watch more hours of television per day than either of the other two, it stands to reason that Boomers may soon be watching more online content than any other age group.

So who says older adults aren’t up with the times?

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