See What New Inventions the Designers at IDEO have Dreamed Up for Seniors

While most of us associate the cutting-edge of technology and design with recent college grads in hoodies riding scooters to Jamba Juice as they check-in on their iPhones, more and more of the world’s most creative minds are wondering how they can improve the quality of our golden years.

IDEO, the premier design firm in the world, has tasked its designers and engineers to conceive of some fresh ideas for the elderly. Below are videos presenting two such ideas: Trikka and Instagran.


Designed by Martin Meier,Franziska Mayer, David Mallard, Joel Derksen and Karl Jönsson.

Description from the designers:

Trikka helps keep walking and cycling a part of your independent, everyday life. To minimize daily hurdles, Trikka has big wheels and can easily switch between walking and cycling modes. Don’t be surprised if a few youngsters ask for a ride on your handlebars.


Designed by Yuni Lee and Karoline Kirchhübel Andersen.

Description from the designers:

Instagran connects the people over-sharing about their life through Instagram with the people most interested in seeing the output – grandparents! This simple tool pushes a photo feed to the Instagran channel on an older relative’s TV. Now, photos can loop in the living rooms of the offline generation eager to see what their favorite relatives and friends are up to.

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