Senior Independence Month

What does independence mean to you? The answer may well depend on your age and life circumstances. At Senior Lifestyle, one of our goals is helping the seniors in our communities maintain their independence. We do this by creating environments that encourage social interaction, providing innovative programming that fosters creative thinking, and helping seniors find the right fit for their care needs, whether that is Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing.

February is National Senior Independence Month, a perfect time for seniors to celebrate the independence they enjoy and to plan ahead to maintain that independence. Since maintaining independence is a major factor in the quality of life our seniors experience, Senior Lifestyle is sharing some practical tips from Seniors Speak Out, a senior advocacy group, to help seniors maintain independence at home and in the community:


An organized environment is great for both body and soul! Clear, well- lit walkways in the home help decrease the risk of trips and falls, while keeping necessary items like cell phones close at hand and readily accessible is vital in the event of an emergency.


A little preventive maintenance can be a lifesaver. Have banisters on stairs and railings on decks checked for looseness. Light up dark hallways and closets with motion-sensor lights to prevent falls. Installing grab bars in the bathroom is a great idea as well, provided they are installed before they’re needed. A little foresight goes a long way!

Get Tech Savvy

That cellphone can literally be a lifesaver. Set up with speed-dial for favorite contacts, it’s a senior’s link to the world. Cellphones can also serve as location devices as well as maps and navigations aids. Most are even equipped with a fairly bright flashlight. Home security systems can protect against theft and property damage, but their value doesn’t end there; motion sensing lights can detect intruders and fend off any unwanted guests, while providing welcome light when you need it.

At Senior Lifestyle, we understand that maintaining independence can be tricky for seniors. Knowing what to hold onto and what to let go of is a tough road to navigate, especially for someone who has lived independently for many years. Giving up a driver’s license or accepting in-home help is a big step for many seniors, and leaving home for a senior community is an even bigger step. When changes need to happen, family members can and should focus on the positive aspects of those changes and the increase in quality of life. Asking for and accepting help when it is needed is a positive step toward staying independent.

National Senior Independence Month is a great time for loved ones to help seniors make changes that help increase quality of life. Do you have questions about the level of care you need or programs available at a Senior Lifestyle community in your area? To learn more about how we help our residents maintain their independence, please visit our website at

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