Senior Lifestyle Featured on Dr. Drew’s New Show

Senior Lifestyle is a place “where your loved ones can thrive,” agrees a new show, “Health Uncensored,” hosted by nationally recognized medical specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Jon DeLuca, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Janine Witte, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, appear along with Senior Lifestyle residents and family members in a segment titled “Choosing a Senior Community Where Your Loved Ones Can Thrive.” The video covers the benefits of senior communities and how to select the right one. 

The segment said that today’s seniors want to remain active, engaged, and surrounded by friends and family, “enjoying all that life has to offer.” Dr. Drew pointed out how senior communities “transform retirement dreams to vibrant realities.” 

“The overall experience is like part of a family,” agrees Lorraine Sabatella, resident of Mangrove Bay, said in the segment. 

In an interview with Dr. Drew, Witte talks about how important it is to talk about moving to a senior community before it becomes necessary, and how to get ready for that transition. She also spoke about four points to consider when selecting a community: location, finances, care and culture.  

Senior Lifestyle’s unique programs are also highlighted in the segment. Witte talks about the Diversity program, which introduces residents to different cultures and lets residents know “we honor them for exactly who they are.” 

Also highlighted are the Ambassador program which allows existing residents to welcome guests and new residents, and the resident committees, which offer opinions and advice on their community, from groundskeeping to dining to holiday parties. 

“Their voices drive what we do,” Witte says.

Dr. Drew’s new national television show, “Health Uncensored,” presents important ideas in health and medicine, according to the show’s website. “From the latest medical breakthroughs to simple home health solutions, Dr. Drew discusses it all with leading experts,” the site says. 

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