8 Tastes of Tea Trivia

January is National Hot Tea Month! To celebrate, we’re serving up eight hot tastes of tea trivia. Enjoy!


American Thomas Sullivan invented the modern teabag in 1904, when the tea dealer began distributing his tea in silk bags instead of more expensive tin containers.



According to Chinese legend, tea was invented by the ancient mystical Chinese leader Shennong,  in 2737 BC.


"Dunking a biscuit" by Peter Morgan
“Dunking a biscuit” by Peter Morgan
In 1998, Dr. Len Fisher of Bristol University scientifically determined the most effective way to dunk a biscuit into a cup of tea.


Melaleuca alternifolia (Maria_Serena) tree

 Left alone, a tea plant will grow into a tree up to 52 feet tall.


anna russell











In the 1840s, Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford, began taking tea and snacks in the mid-afternoon as a way to revive her energy. Soon she was inviting friends to join her, and the British tradition of afternoon tea was born.


photo by Roy Bateman
photo by Roy Bateman
The primary pests for tea plants are mosquitos.


Modern Istanbul skyline

As of 2009, Turkey had the most tea consumption per capita of any country in the world.








In 1946, George Orwell penned his essay “A Nice Cup of Tea,” which iterated 11 “golden rules” of tea preparation.

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