Traveling to Europe this Summer? Rick Steves Now Fits In Your Pocket!

Have you ever wished you could take Rick Steves along with you on your next European vacation? Well, unless you and Rick are friends, you still probably can’t. But thanks to the wonders of mobile technology, you can now enjoy the next best thing!

Rick and his team at Rick’s Travel Center have developed the “Rick Steves Audio Europe” app. It includes self-guided audio tours of destinations across Europe, as well as a selection of his best radio interviews–all packed and organized in an easy-to-use interface. The best part? It’s free! Simply visit the Rick Steves website for a quick demo of the app from the famous travel writer himself, plus the links for downloading the app onto your smartphone.

And if you’re looking for European travel inspiration for the upcoming warmer months, you can check out Rick Steves: 8 magical experiences in Europe on the USA Today website.

For more info about the “Rick Steves Audio Europe” app, you can read the note that Rick left his fans on his facebook page below. Happy traveling!

From Rick Steves:

I have a lot of fun and rewarding projects on my desk–and one that I am particularly passionate about is our free app, “Rick Steves Audio Europe” (shown in this video). Why am I so in love with this thing? Because it’s packed with practical information (both self-guided audio tours of Europe’s greatest cities, galleries, and museums, and the very best of our radio interviews organized in country-specific playlists) that will make people’s trips more meaningful. It’s free. And tens of thousands of travelers are using it. Any time I drop into the Pantheon in Rome, St. Mark’s in Venice, or Versailles outside of Paris, I see travelers using our app. They’re having a great time immersed in the cultural wonder of the sight…and I am literally in their ear (my voice is anyway).

Each year we add to the material already available with Rick Steves Audio Europe, and last week we spliced in about 20 new tours and interviews. We added three new self-guided audio tours covering Prague, Berlin, and Edinburgh. This brings to 44 the number of guided tours on the app. And, after reviewing last year’s weekly, hour-long public radio programs (“Travel with Rick Steves” can be enjoyed weekly on over 200 public radio stations around the USA or as a podcast), we chose to include the interviews listed below.

Learn how to download the app (free and easy) here: It is such a treat for me to be able to interview such beautiful minds and inspirational travelers and an even bigger treat to be able to share these conversations (so beautifully edited by my radio production team) with you.

New radio interviews spliced into all the existing ones on the Rick Steves Audio Europe app include:

“Ever-Evolving Berlin” – Fabian Reuger

“Beauty in a Broken World” – Terry Tempest Williams

“Another Helping of Italian Culinary Favorites” – Fred Plotkin

“How to Eat Like a Parisian” – Mary Bouron

“A Taste of Basque Country” – Francisco Glária and Agustín Ciriza

“Living as an Italian Woman in the 21st Century” – Francesca Caruso, Nina Bernardo, and Lisa Anderson

“Joanna Lumley’s Nile” – Joanna Lumley

“Rome after Dark” – Francesca Caruso and Gene Openshaw

“Destination Space Station” – Cady Coleman

“Modern Sweden” – Åsa Danielsson

“Italy’s Decadent Desserts” – Fred Plotkin

“Respecting the Pasta” – Alfio Di Mauro

“Food Markets of Paris” – Marjorie R. Williams

“Walking Budapest” – Eszter Bokros and Cameron Hewitt

“More Loire Valley Chateau Country” – Danielle Farineau

“Exploring Brittany” – Virginie Moré and Mark Seymour

“The French Cheese Plate” – Kathe Lison

“The Mountain” – Ed Viesturs

“Italian Rails” – Tim Parks

“Amalfi Coast” – Ann Long and Aldo Valerio

“Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation” – Madhur Jaffrey

“Monuments Men” – Robert Edsel

“Doc Martin’s Cornwall” – Martin Clunes

“The Whole Fromage” – Kathe Lison

“Marrying into France” – Sarah Turnbull and Nina Sovich

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