How to Use the Internet to Communicate Better

Thanks to the internet, we can communicate with one another more fluidly than at any other time in history.


We can instantly share photos, post news stories, and just chat with friends, family, and colleagues from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. But with so many new communication tools at our fingertips, getting started on the internet can be a daunting task.

How do I use the internet to communicate?

The internet has vastly improved our ability to stay in touch with family and friends near and far. The two most popular ways to do so are email and social media.

1. Email. Electronic mail has been around since the ‘90s, and it has revolutionized the way we communicate with friends, family, and business contacts. You can get your own email address in many ways. Sometimes your Internet service provider will provide everyone in your household their own unique email address. You can also sign up for a free one through multiple reliable websites, such as Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to write messages to anyone whose email address you have.

2. Social Media. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account yet? People over the age of 65 are the fastest growing group on social media. If you’re going to give social media a try, we recommend starting with Facebook. On Facebook, your friends and family members are also your Facebook “friends.” You can send them messages similar to email and also post photos, look at your friends’ photos, find and share interesting articles, and more. Social media allows you to interact with your grandchildren, friends from high school and family across the country. You can keep them updated on what’s happening in your life and stay up-to-date with theirs.

Mashable has created an extensive guide to Facebook, from getting started to using its more advanced features. You can read that here.

At its core, the internet is all about communication. As email and social media evolve, they will continue to improve the way we share and receive information from people we care about. We suggest you get started and see what you’ve been missing!

Kimberly Barnes, a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University, is a web marketing consultant and kitchen chef. Her passion (aside from cooking) is helping organizations connect holistically to their constituents by way of social media engagement, content marketing and CRM. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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