Val Riggins | 100 Days of Heart of Caring

Val Riggins
Maintenance Assistant, Bella Terra

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then this one is a perfect representation of the first thing Val Riggens’ team mates notice about him: his smile. Val is a Maintenance Assistant at Bella Terra, and his positive spirit and joyful heart earned him a nomination for this year’s Heart of Caring award.

“Val goes beyond his job duties every day and always works with a smile.” “He is always smiling from ear to ear.”

“Val cares about the residents and will do anything for them to make them happy; Val is honest – he always does the right thing. Val shows appreciation for his fellow coworkers and superiors, and is always respectful to residents, guests and staff. Val is a team player; he enjoys helping others succeed.”

Val’s cheerful attitude extends not only to his duties as a maintenance assistant, but also to the various tasks he takes on to help in any way possible, even outside the community walls where he volunteers as a community youth counselor.

“During a recent snow storm Val came to the community the day before his shift to ensure that he would be at the community to assist with whatever needed to be done. You never have to ask Val, he just appears when you need a helping hand.”

But perhaps the greatest sign of Val’s heart of caring was his excitement for his first day on the job at Bella Terra.

“When Val started at Bella Terra, he [stated] during his orientation that he was so appreciative that he had been chosen to work at Bella Terra. It was very heartfelt and he made all of the new hires in the orientation feel that this was a very special community to have been chosen to work at. He also stated that He was looking forward to meeting all of the residents in the community and helping them.”

“When Val received his name badge, he asked his supervisor to take a picture of him because he was so proud of his name badge. He wanted to share the picture with his daughter because it was her birthday.”

Just as Val was proud to wear his name badge, we’re proud to call Val a Senior Lifestyle team member. Thank you, Val, for the way you care for our residents with such a positive spirit and a true heart of caring. Congratulations on the nomination; we’re thrilled to celebrate you during our 100 Days of Heart of Caring!

This spotlight is part of Senior Lifestyle’s 100 Days of Heart of Caring series featuring nominees from our 170+ communities across the country. All nominations are anonymous. Our nominees represent the backbone of our commitment to our core values: Caring, Honesty, Appreciation, Respect and Teamwork; without them, we could never fulfill our goal of providing best-in-class care to every one of our residents. Join us as we celebrate these caring, passionate individuals and their commitment to our residents.

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