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The Healing Power of Stories in Our Lives

Ever since cavemen told tales of the day’s hunt around the fire, we have been telling–and listening–to stories. But there is growing evidence that stories are not merely entertainment. Stories can actually help us connect to our own identities–even as dementia threatens to close the curtain.

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The NSL Wii Bowling Tournament is Heating Up in Scottsdale

TOURNAMENT UPDATE from Kim Koppert, Programming Director at Arté:

“All teams are progressing nicely. The Late Bloomers have won all of their games and are tied for 1st;  Lucky Strikers have 12 out of 20 points and are tied for 3rd; The Hot Shots have 10 out of 20 points and are in 5th. All three teams still are in the running to make the playoffs as we enter our 5th week of play.”

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