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Detecting alzheimer’s symptoms & stages

Detecting Alzheimer’s Symptoms & Stages

As baby boomers continue to age, the number of seniors with Alzheimer’s disease continues to grow. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, about 5.8 million Americans are experiencing the disease. By 2050, the number is expected…

When is the Right Age to Retire?

When is the Right Age to Retire?

When is the Right Age to Retire? As you move closer to retirement age, you’ve likely been involved in discussions about retirement planning. These may involve chats about employer percentages, being vested (or not), and…

supportive living

What is Supportive Living?

What is Supportive Living? There are many confusing terms in senior living. Whether it’s overly-glossed names for pricing packages or the jargon surrounding personal care, it’s easy to get lost in the jumble of words….

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