The Benefits of Independent Living for Seniors

Active adults count independence as one of their most cherished values. After retirement, these seniors can enjoy their health and freedom and focus on the things that are important to them. But some may think they give up that freedom if they move into a senior community.

Today’s Independent Living communities are built to honor your freedom and choices, all while providing support that will fit your needs. From activities to exercise programs to tasty, nutritious meals, Independent Living offers plenty to seniors looking for more time to do what they love without worrying about the everyday tasks of living.

Find out more about how senior communities help you keep your independence and enjoy life the way you want to live it.

12 Benefits of Independent Living for Seniors

  1. Active lifestyle: Independent Living communities offer a wide range of programming, including activities and events to keep you happy, active, and engaged. From recreation and games to monthly trips, happy hours to holiday parties, you will never find yourself bored or looking for things to do.  
  2. Comfortable environment: In Independent Living, you’ll live among peers that share similar interests and values with you. You’ll spend your days in a calm, comfortable environment doing the things you like to do with people you’ll enjoy. You can look forward to group gatherings, or spend time by yourself and enjoy the rest and relaxation.
  3. Freedom and flexibility: You’ll have your own choices to make when you’re in an Independent Living community. You’ll have flexibility to choose your own schedule and activities, and you’ll have the freedom to enjoy your cherished hobbies and to acquire new ones that you can experience with other residents.
  4. Health care and wellness programs: Many Independent Living communities offer on-site health care services, such as medication management and nursing care, which can provide peace of mind for seniors and their families. Programming may include exercise classes, swimming and yoga, all of which can help seniors stay active and healthy. 

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  1. Lifelong learning: In an Independent Living community, you can expect to discover new interests. A calendar filled with engaging programming will give you hours of new things to learn. From inspiring creative classes to lecture series, cooking classes to book clubs, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to challenge your brain and keep growing.
  2. Maintenance-free living: One of the best benefits of Independent Living is freedom from the hassle of everyday living. Our team members will see to it that housekeeping, laundry and maintenance is taken care of, so you won’t have to worry. This frees you to fill your days with delight instead of drudgery. 
  3. Pet-friendly environment: We understand how important pets are to you. Many of our communities are pet-friendly, which means you’ll always have company. Dedicated pet spaces, socializing opportunities and programming are available at some communities to make your animal companion feel at home, too.
  4. Restaurant-style dining: More than just daily nutrition, our dining experiences give you an inspired, comforting meal. From the nostalgic aroma of bread baking to the warm comfort of hot soup on a cold day, our restaurants will welcome you. Your family can be sure you’re being served healthy, delicious meals every day.

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  1. Safety and security: Independent Living communities provide you with a secure environment, with features like gated entry, security cameras, and emergency response systems. Our communities also monitor your health as needed and have features to prevent seniors who need more care from wandering away.  

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  1. Sense of belonging: Having a sense of purpose and feeling part of a greater community can really lighten and brighten your day. You can participate in activities with friends, form your own clubs, volunteer or mentor a young person, or share your skills and wisdom with your fellow residents. 

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  1. Social interaction: Independent Living communities provide opportunities for seniors to socialize with other residents and participate in community activities, which can help combat loneliness and isolation. You’ll be close enough to neighbors that you can easily have company when you want. 

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  1. Transportation: Daily trips can be a challenge as you get older, with vision and reaction time often a barrier to driving. Many Independent Living communities offer transportation services, making it easier for seniors to get around town for appointments or social activities. This can be a comfort for seniors who prefer not to drive.

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Overall, Independent Living communities can provide seniors with a supportive and engaging environment that promotes health, wellness, and social connection.

Who Is a Good Fit for Independent Living?

According to America’s Health Rankings, 66.5% of seniors 65 and older are able-bodied, making them a good fit for Independent Living. That means they have no ambulatory, auditory, cognitive, self-care or visual disabilities that can interfere with Independent Living.

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Each Senior Lifestyle community is unique, but most offer Independent Living residents apartment homes with access to professional staff, dining services, and other convenient amenities. From comfortable spaces with welcoming surroundings to resort-style, luxurious living, Senior Lifestyle’s Independent Living communities have options to fit everyone’s preferences.

Independent Living residents are self-sufficient and active, but enjoy the convenience of help with daily chores and other maintenance tasks. Typically, Independent Living residents are:

  • Eager to learn, explore, discover and relax
  • Interested in a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Ready to live worry-free from home maintenance and chores

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With all the options you’d want in Independent Living, Senior Lifestyle is the perfect choice for your new home. Whether you want to participate in your favorite activities, try something new, or just live quietly in comfort, the choice is up to you.

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