Planning for and Navigating a Senior Move

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The transition into senior living can be a daunting prospect. These senior moves can take both a physical and mental toll on both the moving senior and their support system. Often times, elderly individuals are leaving behind a home with dozens of emotional attachments associated with it. At Senior Lifestyle, we are acutely aware of what a stressful time this can be. To help you through this period, Senior Lifestyle has put together a guide to help both moving seniors and their loved ones.

The decision to undertake a senior move into a Senior Lifestyle community can mean a lot of change, and it’s normal to have some anxiety around that. For that reason, we offer the “Be Our Guest” program, which allows potential residents the chance to “test drive” the lifestyle and our facilities. While staying in a furnished guest apartment, you will be afforded a chance to meet our residents and staff as you participate in all of our programs and events.

If you decide that Senior Lifestyle is right for you, there are several steps you can take to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Stay Open
Staying open to all of the possibilities in front of you is imperative. A sense of excitement and adventure helps mitigate the stress you will inevitably encounter in your senior move.

This is also important to keep in mind if you are in the support network of a moving senior and are helping with the transition. While the benefits of a senior’s transition may seem obvious to you, you will need to remain receptive to the emotional gravity that can come with this great change.

Moving with Grace
It helps to have familiarity around you when going through any kind of transition. Rather than “starting over” with all new furniture or décor, many of our residents find some comfort in bringing a piece of their old home to their new home. Once you can determine the floorplan of your new living space, you can decide which items to bring with for your senior move.

Loved ones can help greatly in this process as well. Don’t just provide your moving senior with guidelines on what to bring or leave. Actively participate in the selection process if you can; talking things through with your moving loved one can be a great help.

Senior Lifestyle communities offer a number of activities for our residents. We provide numerous ways for the moving senior to fully embrace their new home and community. Integration is key in a successful transition.

Similarly, we always encourage our residents’ loved ones to come by for visit. However, we also recommend support networks remain sensitive to seniors’ need for independence. Holding hands with a moving senior can be a great comfort, but be sure to allow them the space they need to grow and fully participate in their new community.

No matter which of our six different lifestyle options you or your loved one chooses, a senior move requires patience and adjustment. But if you keep in mind these helpful tips, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying everything Senior Lifestyle has to offer you.

Senior Care Services & Assisted Living Levels of Care

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Whether you or a loved one are considering moving into a senior living facility, it’s a complicated decision accompanied by plenty of questions: What senior care services do facilities provide? What senior care services are right for my situation? What assisted living levels of care can I expect?

Our mission is to provide you with the resources you need to decide which senior care services and levels of care are right for you, regardless of whether or not you decide to join Senior Lifestyle’s nationwide network of family owned senior communities.

Senior Lifestyle classifies its levels of care under six different options for senior care services: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Affordable Housing, and Short-Term Care.

Independent Living
Independent Living services offer residents the freedom to live their lives as they see fit. Our dedicated staff work to accommodate their residents’ unique needs. Independent Living is meant to combine the familiar comforts of home with the excitement of new experiences, and then some. After settling into a Senior Lifestyle Community, our residents often wonder why they did not make the decision to move sooner.

Assisted Living
The Assisted Living plans at Senior Lifestyle add another layer of service to our Independent Living program. Our Assisted Living Services are designed for residents who value their independence but could still use a hand with everyday activities. Senior Lifestyle’s trained staff is available to help with every need; our team can assist with bathing, with dressing, and with medication. Residents in the Assisted Living program all meet with a licensed nurse to create a personalized service plan so we can support them as they continue to pursue their passions.

Memory Care
Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia take a heavy toll on those battling the devastating disease and their loved ones, but Senior Lifestyle has dedicated specialists that work with residents, their families, and staff to ensure care is comprehensive and tailored to the individual. Residents who benefit from our memory care services live in communities specifically designed to strike a balance between safety and engagement in common areas and exterior courtyards.

Skilled Nursing
Most Senior Lifestyle communities are equipped to offer senior care services and levels of care to fit a wide range of needs. Our staff members care for residents that need post-surgical rehab, wound care, cognitive and pain management, and general practitioners services. Please call your local community or visit the skilled nursing page on our website for a complete list of services.

Affordable Housing
The Senior Suites program is a nationally recognized prototype for affordable senior housing. The communities are designed for independent, older adults. Unlike traditional programs, our affordable housing offers daily programs, transportation services, a la carte dining and daily check-in programs. The program is made possible by private donations and a combination of municipal, state, and federal funding. Please visit our website to see if you or a loved one is eligible to receive these services.

Short Term Care
Designed for those wishing to give our communities a try without a more long-term commitment, short-term senior care services are perfect for introducing someone to the Senior Lifestyle community, temporary rehabilitation assistance, or to lend a hand if a regular caregiver is unavailable. We also offer trial stays to test if long-term care is right for you or your loved one. The guest program is an immersive experience that allows people to get a feel for Senior Lifestyle’s level of care.

Every community has its own unique identity, but each level of care, even at the base rate, typically supplements a variety of amenities, some of which include a delicious dining experience, stimulating and engaging life enrichment programs, optional routine laundry and housekeeping services, transportation service to local attractions and physicians, and so much more.

No matter what level of care you or your loved one requires, Senior Lifestyle is here to welcome you and your family home. Visit our website or stop by your local Senior Lifestyle community to get more information.

How Will You Spend the Longest Day?

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June 20, the longest day of the year, adds some extra time to an otherwise standard day. This year, we’re using that extra time to raise funds and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association via an educational event hosted at each of their more than 170 communities.

As a Global Partner for The Longest Day, Senior Lifestyle will host a free, online educational event titled “Effective Communication Strategies,” in addition to raising funds toward a company-wide goal of $50,000 to support the efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association. Through this event, participants will learn to decode the verbal and behavioral messages delivered by someone with dementia, and identify strategies to help connect and communicate with their loved ones at each stage of the disease.

Hollie Kemp, our Corporate Director of Resident Experience, said the partnership is a natural extension of Senior Lifestyle’s mission and values.

“We are committed to supporting those who live, support, care for, and walk alongside those on this journey. Like so many others around the country, our employees are personally impacted by this disease; we are sisters, brothers, daughters and sons of people battling Alzheimer’s,” Kemp said. “Our participation in The Longest Day is for our family, and Senior Lifestyle’s way of uniting to support the families around the nation so that no family is alone in their fight.”

Kemp added that this partnership is a way for us to actively provide support to the residents, families, employees and communities that call Senior Lifestyle home. Kemp’s passion for the project echoes that of the SL team members whose families face the daily battle against Alzheimer’s.

“Watching my Dad’s face when he was given the diagnosis of Early Stage Alzheimer’s was one of the hardest days of my life,” wrote an anonymous Senior Lifestyle team member. “From that day on, my commitment to the Alzheimer’s Association and to improving care and treatment for those living with this disease became more than a profession, it became my personal mission.”

The Longest Day event will occur at each of Senior Lifestyle’s communities accompanied by additional activities depending on the location. For more information and to find the location nearest you, visit and search for any of our communities.

What is Memory Care?

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As general knowledge and awareness of conditions causing memory impairment increases, more and more caregivers and decision makers are becoming familiar with memory care as an option of care for their loved ones. However, many know about memory care communities in name only, and more still are entirely unaware that this specialized care option exists at all. To that end, we’re going to explore the topic and provide some simple answers to the frequently asked question of “What is memory care?”

Memory care communities, like those you’ll find from Senior Lifestyle, start from the assumption that those who are living with conditions that affect memory and behavior, like Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, both need and deserve a specially designed form of care. In light of this fact, memory care communities build upon the foundation of assisted living facilities and then provide residents with additional services that can improve quality of life and provide a safe living environment.

For example, one of the unique challenges of caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s is that of wandering. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, six in ten people with dementia will wander, which can potentially put this person in serious danger.[1] The use of technology like Intel-GE Care Innovations QuietCare can make sure that community staff members are able to respond as quickly as possible to a memory care resident’s wandering.

Memory care communities can also tailor their daily program offerings in order to help keep those with memory-impairment engaged. At Senior Lifestyle, we help and encourage residents to reconnect through programs that include activities that they love, whether that’s playing the piano, gardening, or art creation. In addition to these programs, memory care communities consult with residents’ families to ensure the best possible level of care is received by each and every member of our communities. Senior Lifestyle’s award winning Walk with Me Program takes that partnership and communication one step further by providing families with the comfort of knowing that their transition into a memory care community will be successful.