Lake Barrington Woods hosts Adventure Camp

Remember camping as a kid? Whether you went to a day-camp or sleepaway camp, rode in an RV with your grandparents, or just pitched a tent in the backyard, it was an adventure! You might have been eating outdoors, encountering wildlife or the neighborhood cat, sleeping in a tent, or watching cartoons in Grandpa’s RV! However you camped, fun and adventure were on the agenda. On a camp adventure, regular rules didn’t apply, so hands could get dirty, feet could get wet, and new experiences were welcomed with open (if somewhat grubby and perhaps bug-bitten) arms.

Adventures aren’t just for kids! At Senior Lifestyle’s Lake Barrington Woods community in the Chicago area, residents and team members alike are an adventurous bunch! In August of last year, as part of Active Aging Week’s challenge to Explore the Possibilities, residents from Lake Barrington Woods attended Adventure Camp, a summer camp experience hosted by Lake Barrington Woods at local Sunrise Lake. The event was so popular that this year the community decided to invite some Senior Lifestyle friends from neighboring communities.

Resident and team members attendance at this year’s Adventure Camp is expected to be approximately 100 people. Adventure Camp will be held on August 30th at Sunrise Lake, which provides a perfect setting for the event with its accessible spaces, ramps, and walking paths. Residents and team members from The Sheridan at Green Oaks, Autumn Green at Wright Campus, Lincolnwood Place, The Sheridan at Tyler Creek, Fox Point, and Prairie Green at Fay’s Point will attend Adventure Camp this year.

Proving that there’s always room for a new experience, no matter the age of the camper, one of last year’s attendees tried the traditional campfire treat, S’mores, for the first time, while another who had never held a fishing pole caught her first fish! Says Mirka Biegunska, Director of Resident Programs at Lake Barrington Woods: “Adventure Camp provides an opportunity for our residents to experience the freedom and independence of their childhood years, and for some, it is the first experience attending a campfire singalong or fishing in the lake. Our residents are so excited to share the adventure with their neighbors this year!”

At Senior Lifestyle communities, our residents love new experiences, and providing those experiences for our residents, whatever their adventure may be, is our goal every day. We believe fun helps to keep us young at heart, and if our Adventure Campers are any indication, we may be onto something! For information about Lake Barrington Woods, Adventure Camp, or any of our communities, please visit our website at, and if you get the chance, have an adventure!


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