QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Americans 50 and Up? [Home & Shopping]

How well do you know what Americans 50+ are buying and using around the home? Take our quiz and find out!

1. What percentage of adults 50+ have spent $100 or more on groceries in the past week?

a) 22%

b) 44%

c) 66%

d) 88%

2. What is the most popular car company for adults 50 and up?

a) Ford

b) Chevy

c) Toyota

d) Hyundai

3. What percentage of adults 50+ drive a hybrid vehicle?

a) 22%

b) 14%

c) 7%

d) 2%

4. What’s the most popular store for home goods that adults 50+ visited within the last year?

a) Target

b) Walmart

c) Bed, Bath & Beyond

d) Pier 1

5. What percentage of adults 50+ buy locally grown food?

a) 11%

b) 24%

c) 36%

d) 48%

All done! See how you did and learn more fun facts about Americans 50+ in this latest infographic provided by AARP Research.

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