Welcome Back, JoAnne Morhland

If walls could talk, they would reveal a legacy of love infused into the framework of Eagle Springs Memory Care. To be exact, messages of love and compassion that were written on the 2x4s and hidden beneath the drywall during construction in 1999. These messages were signed with care by JoAnne Mohrland, her daughter, and a group of new employees who were passionate and hopeful for the possibility-filled future of a memory care community in Walla Walla. This is just one of the special memories that is a daily reminder to JoAnne Mohrland that she is exactly where she needs to be; purposefully ending her career where it started as the Executive Director of Eagle Springs Memory Care.


JoAnne Morhland was with Eagle Springs from day one, supported by owners that trusted her drive and passion. She instilled the love she has for senior care into the very heart of the Eagle Springs community and as she joins this family again, she has a lifetime of experience and memories to help guide her, the staff, and the residents into the bright future of memory care.


“I am so happy to be back, pouring love into this community. Out of hundreds of residents and communities I have helped during my career, Eagle Springs has always had a special place in my heart. Walking through these halls just feels right,” said JoAnne.


It didn’t have to turn out so perfectly. After retiring in January of this year, JoAnne Mohrland had set her sights on some much-deserved vacations. However, a serendipitous phone call made her have a change of heart, and location. Upon hearing that Eagle Springs Memory Care needed an Executive Director, Joanne knew that she was the right person for the job. So, did the team members that anxiously awaited her return.


“When I heard JoAnne was coming back, I was so excited. I knew that we would be supported and appreciated in our jobs and that the residents would have everything they needed. She truly cares about both the team members and the residents. She often leads our residents in song and knows each of them by name. It is like she is giving the community a big hug,” said Veronica Manis.


The future is bright for Eagle Springs with renovations underway and new programs on the horizon. A newly-appointed Maintenance Director has begun updating equipment, fixtures, and décor. Plus, the Eagle Springs Memory Care community has recently implemented embraceTM Memory Care. This award-winning program provides opportunities for dementia residents to find more joy and connection through special moments in their lives.


“I relive happy memories every time I walk these halls. I love that I am again helping local families find comfort and hope. I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling role or a more wonderful community. Both Eagle Springs and Walla Walla have given me such a warm welcome back. It truly feels like everything has come full circle,” says JoAnne.

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