Victoria Jordan knows the Key to Longevity

As Carriage Court of Kenwood resident Victoria Jordan approaches her 105th birthday, she reflects on the secrets of the trade behind living a long and meaningful life. When asked about the key to longevity, she simply states “I just go along . . . no one bothers me and I don’t bother anybody else” (or she jokes that it may be a matter of good genes). Whichever the answer, she continues to spend her time dressing impeccably and rocking in her favorite chair. Although she generally enjoys living in the present, Victoria takes a moment to look back on all the experiences that have lent a hand in shaping who she is now.

Born into a family of Italian immigrants, Victoria grew up understanding both English and Italian, though she confesses that she did not have much interest in practicing the latter. Primarily raised by her Italian grandmother after her mother passed away when she was a toddler, she recalls spending time with her sister, Harriett, and her brother, Rocco who she endearingly refers to as “Rocky.” Despite any cultural or linguistic differences, she and her siblings attended regular school with the other children in her area. Victoria recalls that her grandmother loved to cook and spend time taking care of her grandchildren, traits that would eventually become useful to Victoria herself.

Victoria explains that she eventually married a man who made a living as a tailor and settled down in Warren, Ohio before having children of her own. She giggles at the idea that her continued sense of fashion is due to her husband’s career, but it explains why the team members at Carriage Court have yet to see Victoria dressed in a pair of slacks. She is always “dressed to the nines” according to Carriage Court team members who spend time with her daily.

We at Senior Lifestyle wish all the best to Victoria as she nears her birthday on September 13th and hope that everyone can take a lesson from her. While she laughs at the idea that she holds the key to longevity, she certainly holds the keys to a happy life! Whether it is learning to smile more, becoming more compassionate, or simply taking pride in your sense of style, Victoria has nearly 105 years’ worth of wisdom to share.

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