Variety is the Spice of Life

William Cowper once said, “Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” At Heritage of Peachtree in Fayette County, Georgia, they’ve clearly taken Mr. Cowper’s words to heart. This beautiful senior community fills each day with activities designed to engage residents of all interests and skill levels, a feat Program Director Angela Henrick says is easy with residents who love to be challenged and try new things. She notes, “Anything I suggest, they are excited to try! We’ve also had a lot of fun activities and events that grew out of a simple suggestion from a resident. I love that we can do so many different things in a short time-span, from putting together an Art Gallery of resident and team members’ works, to hosting a Camping Day with S’mores and singalongs.”

Art galleries and showings often conjure up images of people in fancy clothing admiring works of art that might look (to the casual observer) more like toddler squiggles and random shapes, but not at Heritage of Peachtree. Residents and team members of the senior community submitted works of art as varied as their personalities, from treasured tea sets to one-of-a-kind line drawings of familiar settings, birds and flowers. The Art Gallery at Heritage of Peachtree was a wonderful experience for artists and art appreciators alike, with refreshments provided and plenty of commentary from those whose works were on display!

Camping Day at Heritage of Peachtree dawned slightly overcast, but that didn’t deter the campers, an intrepid group who had looked forward to telling and hearing ghost stories all week. Come rain or shine, camping was happening! Coleman lanterns were set up, a cheery “campfire” was burning, and the library was the perfect campsite, one without bugs or inclement weather. Program Director Angela Henrick notes, “I think everyone’s favorite part was the ghost stories and hot chocolate; however, the sing along was very much loved as well! We will have a Pajama Day in November, so there’s another chance to share stories and singalongs and enjoy hot chocolate and S’mores.

Angela shares, “We also have an ‘Act of Kindness’ activity planned throughout November where we’ll make crafts—one to keep and one to share. We’re making birthday cards for a gentleman in a sister community who will be turning 100 as well.” Says Angela, “Being around our residents fills me with joy every day. I smile coming to work and smile each day when I leave just thinking about how lucky I am to work here with them.”

Built as the first senior community in Fayette County in 1995, Senior Lifestyle community Heritage of Peachtree provides care from Independent Living to levels that include all facets of Assisted Living, respecting each resident’s individuality and preferences. For more information on this community or a Senior Lifestyle community near you, please visit our website at

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